The Space Between The Sounds

by Shadow Blister Effect

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What Shadow Blister Effect has managed to achieve with their debut undertaking is that of balance. Emotions woven together seamlessly in a sea of sonic landscapes both terrifying and lulling. The chaotic blitzkrieg of relentless guitars at one moment transition into the serene undulations of watery reflection at other moments all working symbiotically to tell a story of the relationships between people, their experiences in the world, and their nature. Beautiful or ugly, jealous or benevolent.


released February 28, 2017

Devin Glass - Guitar
Joe O'Connor - Bass
Eric Pfeifer - Drums
Anthony Zucchero - Vocals, Guitar

Produced by Eric Pfeifer
Recorded by Kyle Joseph and Rocky Gallo at Virtue and Vice Studios
Additional recording by Eric Pfeifer
Guitar overdubs recorded at Sugarbox Studios
Mixed by Eric Pfeifer
Mastered by Fred Kevorkian at Kevorkian Mastering / Avatar Studios

All songs written by Eric Pfeifer
© 2017 Eric Pfeifer
℗ 2017 Eric Pfeifer

Thanks to Michael Stevens and Vsauce for our name.



all rights reserved


Shadow Blister Effect New York, New York

Based in NYC, Shadow Blister Effect was founded by drummer Eric Pfeifer and guitarist Devin Glass. Joe O'Connor soon added his metal flare to the rock duo, and they found their voice in Anthony Zucchero.

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Track Name: Mind Reader

I wish I could hear what's
Inside your brain
I always feel like
I'm missing you

I don't want to be your mind reader
Another misinterpretation fever
All the things you think
Don't make their way to me
No, I don't want to be your mind reader

Try to find a way out
And let me in
Show me the unknown
And maybe we'll go
Where no one's gone
Track Name: Automated Life Machine

When you say my name
My heart stops
Back to reality

The world keeps spinning
Oh the world keeps spinning
And I'm left dizzy in your arms

It costs a little life to live
The lives we think we need to lead
Trading favors, losing time

So when you say my name
My heart stops
Back to reality

Breathe in breathe out
It's just another day
In this automatic life
Breathe in breathe out
Deposit all your dreams
In this automated life machine

There's a quiver in your voice
Like you never knew the choice
Finding vacancies for memories

So when you say my name
My heart stops
Wasted reality
Track Name: Fight or Flight

It's only us again
Just like it's always been
But inches feel like miles
We've been here before
I fear your heart is pounding
On somebody else's door

Close your eyes, dear
Make your mind clear

Waiting to end it all
But the words will never fall
Damn us in this endless night
Waiting to end it all
But the words will never fall
It all ends, it's fight or flight tonight

Now I'm done with this
Tie up in consequence
In and out I'm fading
There's static in your voice
Daylight's creeping in
Take a breath and don't back down
Track Name: Killer

If I could touch you
I'd sink into your skin
I'd put you on and try you out

Way up on that cloud
You're so far away
I'm staring up at you

I wanna be a killer
I wanna be a heart-stopper
It's not enough to good
When everyone is hanging on you, angel
I want to be a killer
Like you

But I'm the one who holds you
On that pedestal
My faith keeps me
From seeing what I need

And when you come down
With your hand out
I always give in
To your perfume covered shit
Track Name: Better Than The Flame

My orbit
Is decaying
I'm falling into you
I'm a moth
You're the light
Pulling me without a fight

I can't disengage
When I'm in I'm in all the way
But it burns when I get you all to myself
A little bitter's better than the flame

My engine's
To a cold abyss
The silence and the cold
Make a better road
Putting space between our lives
Track Name: The Alchemist

The alchemist came knocking at my door
Said he was peddling what I was looking for
Stooped in the porch light, heart on the floor
Don't want to feel the thunder no more

You'll only feel a little heavy in the chest
After the medicine has taken effect
He cracked a smile beneath his crooked brim
Said I won't feel the thunder no more

You can pry to the bone
But you can't get blood from stone
Blood from stone
Leave me here with my
Hardened heart

A crown of clouds rests on my head
The stain of a halo that has fled
King of my castle once again
And I don't feel the thunder no more
Track Name: Go On (Move On)

There is no service interruption
This is a disconnection, friend
These are the fraying ends that
Never meet again
Silence screams but
You're not listening again

Go on move on
Everything is gone
Go on move on
Take yourself and run
Go on move on

The lines are hard to read between
The more we pile on they bend
Time to make amends
But daylight grows between
Who you dream to be
And whatever you are
Track Name: I Didn't Know Better

You give
I take
And redeem it for a smile
I walk
In your shadow
You tell me I'm a good child

You shout
I cry
Your suffocating eyes
Keep me
This imitation life

I'm not going bad
But I'm not going back
The sun has set on yesterday
And there's no time to lose
Oh, I remember when
I didn't know better

This bliss
Was unknown
I was happy for a while
'Til I
Saw my face
Lost amongst the crowd
Track Name: Dying Inside

Lead me
Only you can show me
The way you are
Feel me
Only you can have me
Only you can touch me
The way you do

Would you even tell me if you're gone
Or leave me dying inside?

Hear me
Only you can speak me
Reach me
The way you do
Find me
Why can't you see me?
When will you get me?
I wait for you

Bleed me
Let it out
Heal me
Before you go
Track Name: Forever Man

Is this real or just a resonance
Passing through me like a ghost
I have been here before
In a dream or misty morn
I don't recall

Stranded in the sun for centuries
My creator's gone away
Though my skin has faded
You still see me as your own
Beneath it all

I am a stone man
I am forever, man
From the desert to the deepest sea
I am a stone man
I am forever, man
Forever lost and found

I have found myself a residence
In everything I used to be
I was made to be you
But you're turning in to me
After all
Track Name: Skull Orchard

I met an old man
In a skull orchard
He asked if I could
Spare a minute

I gave all I had
But said I couldn't stay
He stared as I left
What's a minute worth anyway?

All I had been, and all I have become
Are buried in these hills
All the words I left unsaid
Are stones beneath my feet
So walk with me
Walk the lanes with me
In our skull orchard

I spent my years
In hibernation
Waiting for a moment
For everything we do, we pay
Track Name: I Will Wait For You

Empty windows shuddered
You let it out
And washed it down
I had blisters on my tongue

To hell and back again
Every night
To drain yourself
How do you return?

Well I won't go and follow you into the night
Stumble on your own
But I'll stop the world to be with you
In the night, if there's no one home,
I will wait for you

Midnight hours dwindled
You rose anew
Like soldiers do
Shed yesterday like skin

Couldn't sleep you muttered
Without a dream
Left wandering
You were locked inside your head